Thursday, July 29, 2010

Contoh Quotation Ikhlas Lifestyle Takaful

Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera.

Dear Visitors,

Adding to our innovative array of products, Takaful Ikhlas Sdn Bhd (TISB) has now introduced 'Ikhlas Lifestyle Takaful'. This takaful plan is specially design to reward and cater for those of us who are very concern about own health.

This product has the common two main elements: savings and protection. The savings will be returned to you upon maturity or to your family member in case of your incapability/demise. The protection automatically covers death and total & permanent disability (TPD). At your convenience, you may add protection from 39 types of critical illness and death/injury due to accident and receive benefits upon death(khairat kematian), being warded (daily allowance) etc.

Two special features of this takaful plan is that:

1) you will get free medical check-up during the 5th, 10th and 15th year.Should you have no health problem, every time TISB will automatically increase your basic cover by 10%.

2) the benefit for khairat kematian is RM10,000 (higher compared to other plans - partly born by Takaful)

The entry age is 1 month to 55 years old.

Maturity is up to maximum 60 years.

If the participant himself/herself suffers from any of the 39 critical illness, future payment will be COMPLETELY waived. If one ais paying for his spouse/child, the future payment will be COMPLETELY waived too upon his demise or if he suffered from any of the 39 critical illness. [The list is available under the Takaful Ikhlas heading on the right ;) ]

Payment to TISB is easy and can be done monthly/quarterly/half yearly/yearly through internet banking, autodebit, salary cut etc.

Payment for this takaful qualifies you to get a tax relief of max RM6,000 (combination with your annual EPF).

Sample Quotation:

Participant: Lady, 32 years old

Occupation: Medical Officer (Risk category: 2)

Smoking: No

Takaful duration: 28 years (policy matures upon age of 60)

Monthly payment/contribution: RM220 via Maybank autodebit

1) Saving
Expected savings at maturity (age: 60) = RM76,756.87

2) Protection benefits

Natural death/TPD: RM100,605.00

Accidental death/TPD: RM150,605.00

39 Types of critical illness: RM50,000.00

Hospital income (for each day warded in hospital): RM250.00

Immediate Death: RM10,000

Total sum covered: RM212,400.00 (including future payments waiver if participant suffers from 39 types of critical illness)

Please contact me for a free preview at You may also fill in the quotation form on the right to get a free quotation.

All the best. May Allah bestow us His rahmah. Wassalam.

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